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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Many Faces of Spanish Moss

We have tons of trees up north. Birch, Maple, Oak, Pine... it seems we have it all but palms.

We do not have spanish moss hanging from all of our trees, through.

I've seen the spanish moss many times on my trips to Florida but this time, I think I paid closer attention to it. It is not technically moss, and I guess it's not spanish either, but I love it. It adds such a dramatic feel to the trees. I'm sure the natives of Florida don't even notice it anymore, because they see it all the time. But I think it made an otherwise somewhat ordinary tree look majestic and regal. Even somewhat haunting and creepy.

Apparently spanish moss is full of little bugs like chiggers so you aren't supposed to touch it. But it's sure pretty to look at. When the breeze blows by, the spanish moss sways with it. Spanish moss can get all the nutrients it needs for survival from the air, so you'll even see it growing on telephone wires. So weird and cool!





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