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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

CRMC Winter Wonderland Ball - Brainerd, MN Event Photography

Last month, I volunteered my photography services for an event that my mother-in-law helped to plan. She works for the Cuyuna Regional Medical Center, a hospital in a neighboring town, and the longterm care center there wanted to put on a Winter Wonderland Ball for the residents. Basically, it was an afternoon of music, food and a little dancing thrown into the mix. A way for the residents to get out of their rooms, to socialize a little bit, and to create a change of pace from the everyday routine of winter.

I was happy to participate and spent the afternoon walking around the room, trying to blend into the woodwork and to capture the energy. We offered my photography services to the residents and had many who agreed to let me take their picture. It was a day that left me with a renewed appreciation for both the staff who keep a place like this up and running, as well as for the residents who live there. Each of those residents has a unique story - a lifetime of experiences and memories. I felt honored to be able to observe and to photograph them.

This event seemed to be a big hit with the residents, so hopefully it won't be a one time occurrence. The Brainerd Dispatch did a write up of the event, and just now, as I read through the article, tears sprang to my eyes again. These people are so special and this simple afternoon of music and laughter made a lasting impression on them. I so hope we can do this again.












-- This last image is some of the people who helped to put this event on, fully engaged in the Chicken Dance! The residents loved watching that one! --


  1. Ha~ I knew the last shot had to be the Chicken Dance! LOL love it.

    Fantastic work! You capture so much emotion in these photos.

    What a super person you are to volunteer your skills for an amazing event!

    PS I wanted to tell you that my Hannah LOVES (and I mean LOVES) the hair baubles you sent. I will be posting a photo on Friday with the teal blue one she wore. Thank You so much!


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