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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Laura Radniecki Images - Quarter Century Birthday Special


On Thursday, December 9th, 2010, I will turn 25 years old. To some of you, that will seem ancient. To many others, you're probably thinking "Oh, she's just a baby yet!" I know, age and being old is alllllll relative.

A few months ago, I thought 25 sounded way old. Now, I'm excited. I feel like it's a good, solid age. Not too young, not too old. I've been out of high school for going on 7 years, and I've been out of college for almost 3. But I'm still in my 20's. Yep, I like it here. Plus, car insurance gets cheaper this birthday, and I will be able to rent a car without crazy up charges in any state I want to visit. That, in itself, is reason to celebrate 25!

Because I'm turning 25, and because I'm not exactly a fan of the whole Black Friday craze [those amazing BF sales continue on all the way through Christmas, you know. They just don't tell you that ahead of time. I scored an amazing down-filled parka for 60% off, on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Bring it on, -20 degrees! No, kidding. Don't come. You're not welcome here.]
Because I love December, and Christmas, and family, and celebrating. Because I love photography and of course, you - my readers and my clients, I want to have a fun week. A birthday celebration discount kind of week.

In honor of my 25th birthday, the Quarter Century Birthday Special will begin as soon as this post goes live and will continue through midnight on the night of my birthday: Thursday, 12.9.10.

$30 off a portrait session!

A one hour lifestyle portrait session, with a disc of edited images and the print release - $120.

For any return clients, your 15% discount still applies! [The stores never let you use 2 discounts at once, do they?] You can book a portrait session for 15% off $120.

These portrait sessions must be used by 12/31/11 - yes, that's right. You can use this session any time during the 2011 year! Book a session now, and use it next summer at the beach. Book a session now for next summer's family reunion. Book a session for next summer when all of your kids will be home from college.

[This offer is for portrait sessions only. It does not apply to graduation sessions.]


Here are the basics again:

-1 hour on-location portrait session with disc of edited images and print rights - $120 [$30 savings]

- Take an additional 15% off if you are a return client. [That's only $102!!]

-Sessions good through 12/31/11.

-Sessions must be paid for in full by 12/9/10 at midnight. You pay now, and then give me a heads up whenever you would like to have your session take place. All the details will be handled via email in the time in between.

-More information about lifestyle portrait sessions and my portfolio can be found on the Laura Radniecki Images website.

- Email me at lauraradniecki@hotmail.com to book your session!

So, if you have been thinking that you'd like to book a shoot, but yuck, now we have snow and you'd like to wait for spring - here's your chance to save some money on your session. Book and pay for your session now, and you are locked in at the current price. You escape any price increases that 2011 will bring. You can even use your session for next year's Christmas card photos if you want to.




Because I LOVE DECEMBER and CHRISTMAS and LIGHTS and MEMORIES, there's a special December contest going on.

-Any clients who have their sessions in the rest of December 2010, and anyone who books a session using the Quarter Century Birthday Special will be entered into a drawing for a FREE 11x14 Standout Mount Print of a photo of their choice from their session with me. Entries will be added through 12/31/10 and a winner will be drawn on January 1, 2011.

So, even if you plan to have your session in August of 2011, if you book it in the next 4 days, your name will be entered. If you win, I'll mark it on your file, and come August, you specify which photo you'd like made into your heirloom standout mount and I'll have it shipped to your front door! Or, I'll deliver it myself if you are local.


Happy December to you all, and I hope you are getting into the Christmas spirit with all of your preparations. I'm making a conscious effort to remember the REAL reason of the season this year - in the midst of all the commercial hoopala around us [that I'm adding to with this blog post. :)]

See you in my inbox!

xoxo, Laura

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