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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

9 Years

9 years ago today, a hyper, skinny sophomore boy asking a self-conscious sophomore girl to be his girlfriend. The setting was a local hotel, during their first formal dance in high school.

She said 'Yes' and their story began.

9 years, 5 break ups, 4 years in the Marine Corps, 3 trips to CA, 6 trips to Oahu, 1 engagement, 1 wedding, and almost 3 years of marriage later, here we are.

Mr. and Mrs. Matt and Laura Radniecki.

I wish I had a photo of us from 2001 to share, but then again, maybe it's better this way. All my old photo albums are at my parents house. We look relatively the same now as we did then; we were just skinnier, ganglier, and had more acne back then. :)

Happy 9 year anniversary of dating to my husband, Matt. Neither of us knew what the future had in store for us back then. I can't imagine my life anywhere but exactly where I am right now. With you.

I love you.

xo, Laura

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  1. Nine years! And a lot of adventures, it sounds like. :)



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