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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Eclectic Whatnot

There are so many amazing bloggers out there, and each seems to have their own little appeal that is unique to them. Many are photo bloggers, some are food bloggers. Others are craft bloggers. [Is it just me or does it look like blogger is actually [booger] when you look quick?]

Ruthanne is a photo blogger, a homeschool blogger AND a craft blogger. She is great with a sewing machine. Her masterpieces are displayed in her etsy shop HERE, under the same name as her blog: Eclectic Whatnot.

I came across Ruthanne's ruffled camera straps a while back and oogled them from a far for awhile. Then, as I started booking more weddings, I decided that I needed a strap that was girly. Pretty. Classy. Perfect for shooting weddings, and well... for my camera, everyday.

So, I bought a purple ruffled strap from her. It is AMAZING!

Then, I recently added another strap to my collection, a green one with the soft minky fabric on the inside. I think this one will be my winter strap as it is sort of like wearing a soft scarf. Kind of? Right now, it is on my second camera.

I highly recommend Ruthanne's blog as a fun read, and I also recommend her products based on my own personal usage. As my tastes change, I can see myself getting another one or more in the future. Being a girl photographer is fun, no boring black strap for me!!

xoxo, Laura






  1. Aww! Laura, you are too sweet. Thank you for such kind words. :D

  2. I have been following her blog for a bit now. I oogle & drool her lovely straps from afar. One day - I am going to get one. (Prolly the blue and white polka dot with the yellow ruffle.)

    I think I shall put one on my Christmas list! ;)


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