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Friday, October 29, 2010

The Aloha-Hawaii Pumpkin

As part of the effort to consciously live slower, to enjoy the moments in each day, and to find joy in the small things, as well as to start traditions and create memories that are Matt and my own, we carved pumpkins this year.

Well, we ended up carving one pumpkin, but tried to do two. When we brought the two pumpkins home, one of the stems fell off. I had good intentions of trying to glue it back on, so I put it outside in the sun to dry out. Well, time got away from me and then we had 3 days of solid rain. The water seeped in through the top and the pumpkin got mushy. We still intended to carve it [I was such a nice wife and told Matt he had to carve the rotten one because I 'called' the good one. What am I, 5 years old?] but once Matt cut the top off, the inside was solid mold. It was disgusting.

So, after quickly throwing that one out in the woods, I carved the good one while Matt cleaned the seeds in preparation for baking.

Does anyone have a good tried and true way to season pumpkin seeds? We looked up two ways, one was salty and one was sweet. We both liked the salty kind better.

Because the weather was freezing, the wind was 40+ miles an hour, and snow was approaching, we both felt a little nostalgic for our Oahu life. So, we made a Hawaiian pumpkin. In case you can't tell what my artistic talent is trying to convey, it is Diamond Head, a palm tree, the sun and a cloud. I have trouble with curved edges!

The ironic part came later that night when the snow came, and my little tropical scene was covered in the icy white stuff.

Good memories though. It is these little moments that life is made of.







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