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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Referral Rewards

I'm going to test drive a new program within Laura Radniecki Images.

It is called The Referral Rewards.

Or maybe I'll think up a catchier name. We'll see.

Basically, when I'm planning for a session [portrait or wedding], I have the client complete a questionnaire. One of the questions is 'How did you hear about Laura Radniecki Images?' If someone writes you down as the referral that led them to me, you will get $25 off on your next session with me.

Take, for example, the amazing couple who's wedding I photographed a few weekends ago - Erin and Collin Rehnblom. Over the past year, they have referred several people to me, and today alone - I received two new inquiries, thanks to them. At the rate they are going, Erin and Collin will be able to do a 1 year Anniversary shoot, on the house! For free. Just thanks to their enthusiasm about me and their willingness to share their wedding photos with others.

So, how can you spread the word and collect Referral Rewards credits?

3 ways:

1. I just got a whole bunch of new business cards printed up. If you would like some to hand out, I'll gladly mail you some. Just email me your mailing address. [lauraradniecki@hotmail.com]

2. Suggest people to Laura Radniecki Images on Facebook. If you aren't a fan yet, go to [www.facebook.com/lauraradnieckiimages] and 'Like' it. Then, you can suggest it to others by clicking 'Suggest To Friends' under my display photos.

3. Spread the vocal word. Make sure people know to specify who referred them so that you can work towards a discount on your next session, or even a free one.

Seriously - I have a ton of business cards, so if you'd like some to hand out, email me! Don't be shy.

Thanks for following with me on this journey, and for being supportive along the way. And now for a little Fall eye-candy.





  1. Love the photos! The leaves aren't turning down here yet--I'm anxious to get out and photograph the fall colors. :)


    The leaves are starting to turn here, but no red yet...


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