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Friday, September 10, 2010

Dexter and the Skinner

Matt and I have recently become addicted to the TV Series Dexter. His friend suggested it to him, and when Matt discovered he could watch the first 2 seasons on instant Netflix, he had a solution to his frequent boredom.

He started watching season 1 and I happened to be trying to eat lunch that first day. If you've seen Dexter, you know it's a bit graphic in some parts. It's not necessarily a thriller or suspenseful, otherwise I wouldn't be able to watch it. [I'm a BIG chicken. No horror movies for me.] It's just pretty bloody sometimes. Not good when I'm trying to eat lunch. I wasn't a fan.

At first.

After a few episodes, I was the one telling Matt to go to the next one. Over the course of 3 or so days, we watched the entire first 2 seasons. All 20+ episodes. Late nights full of Dexter. Editing plus Dexter is a surprisingly productive scene. Then, we got the third season to watch too. We wrapped that up yesterday, and are anxiously awaiting the 4th season from Netflix, and the 5th season to start up in a few weeks.

So. If you've seen the 3rd season of Dexter, you probably know who the 'skinner' is. The tree trimmer serial killer that tortured before he killed? Ok.

Just yesterday, Matt and I switched from Charter to a local cable company for cable and internet. Dish isn't available where we live. We want to be able to call a local number and not be rerouted to someone in another country for customer service. Anyway, the technician came and got us set up yesterday for the new company. Matt took the old cable box, cords and remote with him today to drop it off at the old company's office, because they hadn't given us any instruction on what to do once our service ended.

So I'm home alone this morning, working in the living room. A loud knock comes on the door of our apartment. Having no clue who was there or why, I tiptoe over and look through the peephole. I'm apparently not very stealthy, because the man on the other side could hear me coming and he kind of waved a little wave as he looked at me in the peephole.

I SWEAR - I was face to face with the skinner. I'm not even kidding.

This guy looked JUST like him. Now I'm not usually an irrational person, but because we've been NON STOP watching Dexter for three days, my heart started to beat fast and I got sweaty all over. As I'm looking through the peephole, I see the guy awkwardly shifting back and forth, and then he pulls out his name badge, like he's showing me he's legit. The peephole is fuzzy and I still had no idea who he was or why he was knocking on my door. In a orange and yellow caution vest. Looking just like the skinner's twin. With the hat on and the scruffy face and everything.

By this time, I'd been standing there for at least a minute, and he knew I was there. So, I pretended to stomp back and forth like I was just now coming to the door. I opened it, stuck my head out and said hi. Then I saw his badge. Charter. Oops.

I think it's a good thing that we don't have season 4 of Dexter at our easy disposal right now. Except that Matt said he found a place online to watch them. Showtime's website maybe? Not sure. Maybe Hulu. I think we'll probably try to watch season 4 next week.

In the mean time, I am going to try not to let my mind mess with my life. Oofda.

Has this ever happened to you??

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