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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nicole & Josiah - Married!!!

I am in the era now where my friends are getting married. I'm coming up on my 3rd anniversary this winter, and several of my friends just celebrated their 2nd this summer. As each year passes, more wedding invites come in the mail, and by the looks of things, that isn't going to stop for at least a few more years. Then the babies will come... [some already have!]

I met Nicole in 6th grade and we've been friends since. Through all the awkward stages that happen from the age of 12 on, we experienced it together. Having bangs that we curled perfectly with a curling iron every morning, to deciding to grow them out and using approximately 37 hair clips to slick our bangs back from our foreheads. Pulling our hair back very tightly into buns with colorful scrunchies - we did it together. We were in band together, we had crushes on boys together. Sometimes even the same boys at the same time. ... Actually, now that I'm typing all of this, I believe our friendship started a lot earlier in elementary swim team, but I am not exactly positive.

Anyway, where was I... oh yeah, junior high. We had good times, we had fights, we met boys and cried over them. We made plans and we wrote notes. We had a ball.

She came to my wedding 2 and a half years ago and her date was her sweet boyfriend Josiah. I had heard about him, and about how nice he was - and I found out first hand what a great match they were when I saw them in person.

Fast forward 2.5 years, and yesterday, Nicole and Josiah had their own wedding day. Nicole walked toward him, and after a ceremony filled with sentiment, memories, laughter and love, they walked out as Mr. and Mrs. Hylden. All the waiting Nicole had done for the perfect guy had paid off - she found him! I was so happy to be able to go witness their vows and to sit beside my husband and remember our own wedding. I love weddings because they're beautiful and romantic and fun ... but I also love them because they remind me of my wedding day and about what an awesome time that was.

So, Nicole and Josiah - thank you so much for inviting Matt and I to your wedding. It was on honor to be in the presence of your undeniable love for each other, and I truly believe you are an example for others. God has great things in store for you two. God bless you both, and remember... if you want to borrow the Oahu book, let me know! xoxo, L

[p.s. I wasn't the hired photographer for this wedding. However, I couldn't resist taking along my camera and my 50mm and snapped away from my seat. I've got photography in my blood - I couldn't help me. :)]


























The final photos here are from a game the DJ played. He had Nicole and Josiah sit back to back and they each had one of their shoes in one hand and one of the other's shoes in the other hand. The DJ would ask them questions and they had to raise the shoe that corresponded to the answer of the question. Questions like: "Who'd the better cook?", "Who takes longer to get ready?" and "Who spends more money?" A lot of the time, Nicole and Josiah both answered the same way, but sometimes, when one of His shoes went up as did one of Her's... everyone was hooting and hollering. It was really clever and fun to watch.



Best wishes, N & J!

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