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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Me: Personal

I've spent most of the last two days lost in blogs and info posts from two amazing photographers. These guys are like the Brett Favre's of the photography industry - and the great part is that they actually share information and knowledge to the rest of us who are learning.

One of them, Jasmine Star, just started her photography journey four years ago. FOUR. She's insanely well-known, well-respected and totally inspiring.

She was talking about how even though it's important to blog photographs, it's equally important to blog about yourself. People want to see pictures but they also want to know about me. Or her - I guess she was talking about herself. I don't know, maybe you want to know about me too. This summer has been such a whirlwind, it's left little time for personal blogs.

So I'm going to make a conscious effort to put a little more personal stuff in. As winter comes and photo work tapers off for the season, personal stuff is all I'll have to write about, but until then... I'll throw a little in.

-Today, I went to get my eyes checked. I have only had one other professional exam in my life, and that was in college, 3 years ago. I pretty much only went then because my mom had extra flex dollars in the HSA that was going to expire. I got glasses to help me see far away, with a whopping rx of -0.25 and -0.5. Wooo!! Wore them twice. The case was SO dusty today, it left a huge streak on my pants when I wiped it off to bring it with me. How embarrassing would have have been to give it to the receptionist, covered in over a years worth of dust. Ick.

Anyway, I've been having a lot of eye strain and frequent headaches. The chiropractor I've been seeing asked me when I had my last eye exam. Uhhh... So I made an eye appt. Turns out, my distance vision is 20-20 [yayy!] and she told me if I wanted to, I could have a rx for reading glasses, but a way mild one. +0.75 in each eye. I guess that's less than you can get at Target with cheaters. So... I'm probably not going to get glasses. I told her how I'm easily prone to motion sickness and she warned me that I might feel woozy often with the reading glasses, when I look up and around while wearing them. Only good for just reading. So. I'm going to try frequent breaks, maybe buy a bigger monitor to hook to my laptop. We'll see.

-I have 4 days left in the lodge at the resort for the summer. I'm getting ready for it to be done. 13 weeks of guests gets tiring.

-Because of the busyness of the summer, Matt and I have completely fallen out of any type of eating routine. Our house is kind of a mess [don't come visit until the fall when I can clean the place up ok?]. Prime example, it's 8:08 pm and we haven't had dinner. We are each sitting on opposite ends of the couch, him doing homework and me doing whatever it is I do online. No shoots to edit or emails to respond to. Oh yeah, I was reading pro photog blogs. I'm hungry though, so I'm going to have to give in and make something soon. We were arguing over who should make the food. Clearly, both of us didn't want to do it bad enough, as there's still no food made.

Well, Matt's up off the couch and I think that means he's making Ramen. Yep, I totally called it. His go to food of choice. [Not good for his high BP haha.] Love him anyway.

Happy Friday [tomorrow] and hopefully you all have great plans for the weekend. Matt and his mom are doing a triathlon this weekend, so I'm going to be on full photo duty on Sunday. Stay tuned for action shots of that.

Thanks for riding this photo journey with me, and thanks for reading.

And because a post is boring without a photo, I'll add one. But, because I haven't eaten dinner, and my battery is going to die any minute, I'm posting one I've shown before. I think Heaven looks like this:





  1. Good job Laura! You could always do a "spotlight" (like you did with Jasmine) on a regular basis. Kinda like the Sunday Spotlight on the Mom Squad blog. It's a win/win. You get content, they get kudos. Good Karma. Once you summer job is done, take some time to get out and network. Visit some of the networking groups, go to some Chamber events. Work it girl! :) Becky

  2. Ha! I have to say my favorite part is the play by play of what Matt's getting for dinner :) It's amazing how well we get to know our husbands and their go-to eating habits :) So glad that things will slow down a bit for you in the coming months! You'll fully get to enjoy fall and the winter months!


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