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Friday, July 30, 2010

My Red Hobo Kelly Moore Bag [& I]

I decided I wanted to buy a purse/camera bag a few months back. Not a purse, or a camera bag, but one that doubles as both. Basically, it's a camera bag that is pretty.

So, I started to look at my options, many of which included Epiphanie Bags, Jo's Totes, Jill-E's bags and Kelly Moore's bags. All are great in their own way, and I decided the choice was too tough so I'd sit on it awhile.

Well, after an etsy fiasco, trying to get a generic type shootsac bag, I was sorely disappointed with it. It was ugly, poorly sewed, and it didn't even fit my lenses inside. I don't have any major fish eyes either, so the slots were way too small for normal sized lenses.

This disappointing letdown pushed me to the extreme: I needed a shoulder camera bag, a pretty one, that I could wear when I shoot. I needed to carry my gear around with me so that I can change lenses and change cards of need be. The price tag wasn't as much of a deterrent like it was before, after wasting money on the etsy fiasco. [I'm obviously still bitter.]

So. I had a choice to make. I decided on the Kelly Moore Hobo bag, in Red - the deciding factor for me was that it was a little slimmer than the other choices, and the thing I like the most is that it has an interchangeable short purse-type strap and a shoulder/across the body-type strap. The other brands had the option of attaching a shoulder strap, but the shorter straps didn't come off, so they would be hanging along my body while I wore it. The Kelly Moore Hobo lets me remove the short strap, and attach the long body strap. Sleek, perfect.

I spent a few minutes deciding, and then I hit submit order. I patiently/anxiously waited for it to arrive - shipping was really FAST! The moment I took it out of the box, I was in love. It's so pretty, it feels awesome and it is such a quality bag. I have never, ever spent more than like 25$ on a purse before [and only own 2 boyish camera bags/backpacks], so I have officially joined the expensive purse[camera bag] club. I love it.

Without further ado - meet my newest photography sidekick. Since getting it a week or two ago, it's been with me on every shoot since. I think we're almost reaching 8 or 10 shoots already! We have a LONGGGG future ahead together, and I think [know] I'll be buying another Kelly Moore bag in the future.











  1. i'm drooling right now... I think I know what's on my christmas list...

  2. Laura - Like you I've been searching for a great looking purse/camera bag. I took the plunge just this afternoon and ordered the red Kelly Moore hobo bag as well! You're right -- the others had the shoulder strap that you could ADD but then the other straps are hanging down and just looking odd in my opinion. I loved the fact that you could change out the straps! I should have my bag by Friday and I'm SOOOOO excited - especially since seeing your pics and the purple lining! I'll be visiting your blog again.

    Eagan MN

  3. Hi Patti! Welcome to The Rad Life! I'm so excited that you joined the Kelly Moore bag club too - you will be so hooked so fast! I take mine with me everywhere.

    Glad to see another MN blogger too! Stop in again soon!


  4. Laura - just wanted to share . . . received my bag on Thursday afternoon! I am SOOOOO pleased with my bag. I love the color . . . it doesn't look like a "cheap" bag...it really looks and feels like leather! Can't wait to take it out in publc! :-D


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