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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lakes Area Mom Squad Coupons

I'm trying something new this quarter - participating in an advertising project that I discovered this spring.

The Lakes Area Mom Squad is a group of mom-owned or mom-friendly businesses who offer coupons in these great, FREE coupon packs that are available around town at many different places. The goal behind the Mom Squad is to target the MOMS in the area, because statistics show that a vast majority of spending in a family is typically done by the ... you guessed it, the Moms!

My coupons were made by Lakes Printing - I HIGHLY recommend their service for anyone needing printing services. I used them 3 years ago for my wedding [invites and programs, as well as thank yous] and they do beautiful and affordable work.

Until 10/31/10, anyone bringing one of my coupons to their portrait session will receive a FREE 8x10 professional quality print! See?




Look for the Mom Squad coupon packs at various locations around town - they are in the Discover racks and hey Becky, if you are reading this, maybe leave a comment at the bottom to let any interested people know where else to look for them in town! You're the best!

I'm excited to see who I will meet, thanks to these coupons!


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  1. Great post Laura! Thank you so much! Currently they are in the Discover Racks at Boardwalk Bagel, The Westgate Mall, The Lodge at Brainerd Lakes, The Hallet Community Center, Rafferty's of Nisswa and Petro Plus of Pillager. they can also be found at Totally Kids and Mattie& Me (both Downtown), Brainerd Crafts, Anderson Cleaners, Craguns, the new Mom bags at Family Birthplace (St Joes) and pretty much with any of the particpating Mom Squaders. Edition 5 is due out at the end of July (soon!) and we are thrilled to have you on board Laura!


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