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Friday, July 2, 2010

Johnson Family - [Sneak Peek] - Lifestyle Family Photography

Yesterday morning was my second scheduled Gull Lake Resort photo shoot of the summer. The weather was perfect and the family ready with smiles!

The three boys were so fun to photograph - two with brown eyes, one with blue. Their eyes are so great; their eyes are untouched in these photos. Unreal, huh?

Their cousin is a little spit fire who was more than happy to put on a big smile, show off her front teeth and pose just how I asked her to.

And we finished the shoot off my playing in the water. Yes, I used the same idea as I did in a previous shoot, but when it's something so fun and makes for such cool pictures, how can I not?? [Wicked splash photos to come in the full session post.]

Johnson family, enjoy! More to come.

xo, Laura







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