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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Sister, My Friend

I have the best sister.

She's probably going to give me the business for posting a picture of her [I have no idea why she's so camera shy because she's beautiful] but ahhhhh well. She'll forgive me because I'm going to say nice things about her.

Growing up 2.5 years apart made us the best of friends 1 minute and the worst of enemies the next. I was [a lot] bossy as the big sister, and she knew what buttons to push of mine. But we also played together constantly - everything from Ellie's Restaurant, to dolls and barbies, and even writing/directing/staring in our own AMAZING [right Mom and Dad??] plays... we were so creative and fun!

As we grew up, we had different friends and being in high school at the same time held its own share of difficulties. Truth be told, I always felt like she was prettier and more popular, which she was - even though she'll dispute it - and I was jealous. She'll tell you she was jealous of how everything academically came easy for me. I'll tell you that she's way smarter than I am. But we didn't always get along the best.

But now? Now, I'm married to the man of my dreams and Erica is engaged to hers. Only 88 [did I get the number right, E?] days until they become husband and wife, and our Hensel family grows by one more member. Now that we don't have high school problems, boy drama, and insecurities about cliques and looks to throw into the mix, Erica and I are breaking free of the jealousy and just becoming FRIENDS. Great Friends.

We've always been sisters, but now we are sisters AND friends. And I love every minute of it.

Erica and Tony will be moving away after they get married. The time they are here is precious and Erica and I have realized this. Cleaning cabins last week and this week have given us the opportunity to just talk. For hours. Much appreciated, very much welcomed and so cherished.

I'm so thankful I have a sister and I'm even more thankful that it's Erica. She's going to be a great wife and an amazing mom someday. Hopefully, we'll have kids that are similar in age and maybe they can do all the crazy imaginative things that we did together when we were little. Nylons as veils and mom/grandma's wedding dresses, anyone?

I love you, Erica. Thanks for being my sister. And don't be too mad that I posted your picture. I really like it.

[I have linked this post up to Sweet Shot Tuesdays over at My3Boybarians. If you are visiting from there, Welcome to The Rad Life! Glad you stopped by!]



  1. Oh, she is just BEAUTIFUL!!! Great smile...

    I have 2 sisters, I'm in the middle, we are also 2 and half years apart.

    We went through all the things you mentioned! Ha Ha...

    Well, congrats to your sister!

    What a great sweet shot. Enjoyed the story behind it too♥

  2. I have a sister like this, too. We are 8 years apart, and have gotten closer as time has passed.

    She makes me laugh harder than anyone I know (except my kids.)

    What a sincere tribute. Just lovely.

  3. Thanks for dropping by ladies! Having a sister is truly one of the best things. And it keeps getting better as you get older!

    God bless you both today!

  4. What a beautiful sister you have!♥

    you are so lucky to have a sister...I don't have one, but I do have 2 daughters, and I love the relationship they have already at 13 & 22.

    My SST entry is here http://www.flickr.com/photos/tidymom/4598152155/

  5. sweet post.. and she is very beautiful! wishing her well as she embarks on this part of life.
    visiting from m3b~

  6. A lovely post, for a lovely sister. Wasn't it amazing how we could be the best of friends one minute and then not talking the next. I have three sisters and it was the same. I was the big bossy sister and often wonder if I could have done things differently. I see my own girls together and hope I can foster a great relationship as they continue to get older. Wish me luck!

  7. What a lovely post. And a beautiful girl, errr woman, ummm... sister person.

    "Woman" sounds so matronly for such a young, cute chicky.


  8. Both you and your sister are gorgeous!

  9. Well thanks for all the sweet blog love, ladies. You have warmed my heart behind measure. She is the best sister ever [well, I'm biased. I'm sure you all say the same about your sisters. :)] and I am blessed that she's in my life.

    God bless you all and all of your sisters/families!


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