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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wyatt and the Park - Children Lifestyle Photography

I had a really hard time weeding through the 197 photos I took during 30 minutes at the park with Wyatt and his lovely momma Katie. These are the ones I couldn't help but pick as I tried to cut 197 down to a reasonable blogging number.

I'm officially convinced that little boys are so. much. fun. If I have all boys, [I'll really miss not having pink around, and dance, and glitter, and...] BUT - I'll be happy because boys are wonderfully fun too.

Enjoy Wyatt and everything amazing about boys.

The next two series are of Wyatt, trying to make a basket without the help of his mom lifting him to the net.

It went something like this: throw ball straight up, watch it come down and hit Wyatt in the face. 'Owww' and giggle. Repeat.

Last but not least - Wyatt, after climbing to the top of the ladder [and his mom hanging on desperately to his ankles as he showed us his fearlessness], using the rope as a microphone.


[These photos have very minimal editing, except for the obvious B&W conversions and a vintage wash on one. All were shot at f/1.6 or f/2 with the Nikon D700 and 50 mm lens.]

Thanks for a great day Katie and Wyatt! Let's not let too many days pass before we do it again, deal?

Much Love,



  1. Laura, I love your shots! The swing photo where he is leaning back is beautiful. You are such a great photographer! I can not wait for our turn! I will send you some dates.

  2. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you like these shots - it was such a fun, carefree day at the park, and the photos show that. I can't wait to take some photos of your family too. Just from meeting you, I know it is going to be wonderful!


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