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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Product: Standout Mount Prints

A very exciting product has been added to the arsenal of Laura Radniecki Images.

I have seen these Standout Mount Prints online and have been wanting to try them out to see for myself what they are like.

My sister is getting married in August, so as a present to her and Tony, I thought PERFECT! I'll try it out on them.


It is basically a matte print with a very lightweight 3/4" wood backing on it. Completely ready to hang on the wall right out of the box, no frame needed.

The wood back comes with holes already drilled.

The sides are a matte black finish. Very sleek and classic.

These are a more reasonable alternative to the very popular gallery wrap canvas prints. Gallery wrap canvases have the print wrapped around the sides, where as these standout mounts have the black edging.

As someone who is a little [ok, a lot] Type A - having a hodge podge of mix-matched frames on my walls slightly bothers me. At this point, it's fine for our house. But in the future, my goal is to have standout mounts all over my walls. They come in a huge variety of sizes, so it is really easy to make a collage on the wall, without worrying about buying frames.

Plus, these are durable. This print fell off of the TV stand where it was proudly displayed during my sister's wedding shower and no harm done! No scratches, no dents... still perfect.

Ok, I'm obsessed. I'll admit it!

I'll post more photos of samples as they come in and out of my life; which I'm hoping they'll do often. Keep an eye out for more!

Until next time,



  1. Absolutely love it!!

    I plan on getting some of those with my own pictures instead of paintings for my walls too!

    <3 /Hels

  2. Those look rad! Must. Try. Them.

  3. Ooooh I'm liking these a lot! Who did you find to print them for you!? I want to decorate our *future* home with a lot of our Korea pics and this is lookin' like a good way :) And of course, love that picture of your sis and her fiancee :) How can she be that old already??


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