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Monday, April 26, 2010

I Have A Dream

I have a dream.

Well, I have lots of dreams, but I have two in particular that have hit me on the forehead the past few days.

Someday, I want to teach a photography workshop.

I want to teach one directed at those with a DSLR camera; following much of what my DSLR Made Easy series covers.

It's be great to teach a photography class dedicated to the point and shoot users too, because they often get overlooked in the DSLR craze. Those point and shoot cameras have so much more power than most people realize.

I also want to someday teach a photography class or workshop for kids.

I know - you're thinking What can kids do with photography when they are so young?

I have a dream of introducing and encouraging the world of photography and the beauty of looking through the lens to the youth; hopefully instilling a passion in them that will transcend into their life as they grow older.

Teaching kids about cameras.

I have dreams. Dreams that I hope one day to make a reality.

What a great day that would be.

Enjoy the ride,



  1. Those are awesome goals, seems like you have teaching on the brain.

    Keep Dreaming

  2. Thanks Ryan - it seems like I do have teaching on my mind. Growing up, the two things I thought I might want to be when I grew up were a doctor or a teacher. Well, turns out I'm neither, but maybe I can still be a teacher to some!

  3. It's great to be a dreamer! I would have it any other way! Popping by from Lakes Area Mom Squad. Thanks for commenting on our blog. As for being apart of LAMS..HECK YEAH! We'd love to have your and we currently don't have any photographers in our pack. And NO you don't have to be a mom (we wouldn never do that to someone). You just need to have a "mom friendly" business. Hope to hear from you soon. Love your blog!


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