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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Learning the Ropes

I am two days into being the proud owner of a Nikon D700 and I'm fast head over heels already.

It feels so great in my hands and I just can't believe that it's really mine.

I'm becoming more familiar with the controls, and still find myself searching for the playback button [in an opposite spot as my Sony], but I'm learning.

I discovered the concept of back-button focus this week and have been giving that a test run. It's always different trying to get used to a new technique. I guess it's the perfect time to try something new though, as I'm already stretching my brain to learn this camera.

I plan on doing a post about back-button focus once I master it, but if you want to look it up, here's a link. That's the Canon explanation, and I just used google to find the Nikon equivalent.

The days have been rainy here so I still haven't had the chance to step outside and test the camera on nature, with natural light. Today though, there's a St. Patrick's Day parade in the plans, so [fingers crossed - no rain!] I should be able to get some pictures there.

Happy Weekend!!

Enjoy the ride,



  1. I'm looking forward to seeing some of your pictures Laura.

  2. I'm waiting with as much patience as I can muster up! Hope you get some great weather soon!


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