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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Motivation in [3] Minutes

Today is a chilly February day in rural Minnesota. My husband woke up before dawn to get ready for class; he has a test [at this moment, actually! Good luck Matt, praying for you!]

I am not a morning person. Never have been; never will be. If I do wake up early, it's incredibly forced, and I'm usually a little bit grumpy until I've got my momentum going.

Today, I'm a little chilly, a little groggy, and in great need of a Dt Mountain Dew. It feels like Monday to me.

If you are like me and could use a little pick me up today, I thought I'd share a video my mom emailed me yesterday. She subscribes to this Motivation in a Minute email series, and this happened to be what came to her inbox yesterday. It is apparently what the New Orleans Saints used to inspire them at the beginning of their season, and we all know how the season ended for them: Super Bowl Champs!


God bless you today, whatever is going on in your lives or wherever you are at.

xo, Laura

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