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Monday, February 8, 2010

Comments Simplified

Someone asked me to decipher the comment-leaving section of this blog. Other blogs have different methods of leaving comments, which are much simpler than mine here. But - because I'm limited in what I can control about this blog [Blogger makes the rules here!], I have to deal with what I'm given.

For those of you who are interested in leaving comments for me, there are 3 ways to do it [well, there's more than 3, but only 3 are simple].

Beneath each post, there is a comment section. If you click on where it says 0 comments, or 3 comments etc, a box will open that allows you to type your comment. Underneath the text box, it will say Comment As, and there'll be a drop-down menu there. This is where you select what type of account or method you'll use to leave your comment. It's not as complicated as it sounds - trust me.

Disregard all of the options in the drop-down menu except the top one [Google Account], the second to the bottom [Name/URL] and the bottom [Anonymous].

[I'm not familiar with Wordpress, LiveID or the other options listed there. If you understand and like them, use them! If not, continue reading!]

If you have a Google account, you can select the first one. If you don't know if you have a google account or not, you probably don't. So, unless you know you have a Google reader account/have a blog using Blogger, etc, move on to the next option.

The Name/Url is the best option for people without a Google account. This opens a window where you can type your name and an OPTIONAL url [your own website or blog that you might want to share with me or others who read your comment]. You don't HAVE to put a url in for this one to work. So, I'd encourage you all to use this one instead of anonymous if you wish, because then I can have a name linked to the comment. It's easier to reply to a comment if I know who wrote it, instead of writing - Dear Anonymous...!

Lastly, the anonymous link. If you run into troubles with the Name/Url link, or if you really don't want your name listed, you can use this one. If you can't use the Name/Url for some reason, you can just simply sign your anonymous comment with your name - that's what my parents have done. [Anonymous says: Nice photos, Laura. Love, Mom]

But, from my research today, I discovered that the Name/Url option works best! Type in your name, type in the url to your blog or website [only if you have one and wish to share!] and leave your comment.

It's as simple as that!

*I'm working on a post touching on a mix of photography tips/editing ideas for this afternoon. Don't forget to drop me a note with any ideas you have for future tutorials relating to photography!

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  1. Laura, thanks so much for this post. It helps a bunch. Nonnie


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