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Monday, February 1, 2010

Bernu Family Photos - Portrait Photography

I was invited to participate in an 80th birthday party this weekend, and capture some family photos of everyone who traveled to be there for the party. It was an impromptu session and a fun one at that. Because of the logistics of a Minnesota winter, we were confined to inside the house, but we made do with a lovely brick fireplace. When you have 30+ family members together, it is a joyously crazy mix of laughter, teasing, and of course, sweet little kids.

It was a blast to participate in the Bernu family photo shoot as the grandpa of the clan turned 80 years old. Here are a few of my favorites from the session.

Even little boys can have the most innocent of faces. Maybe this is the "Can I please have candy for dinner" face?

Sibling love! In its purest form.

The birthday guy, his bride and their family: children and spouses. Family is such a wonderful thing.

The littlest ones with the birthday guy and his lovely wife. Can this photo get any cuter? It feels like I'm right back in the room with them when I look at it.

And last but not least - cousin love. These two little ones are only a day apart, if I remember correctly. After some coaxing and instructions to give each other a kiss, this beautifully adorable event occurred. Twice, even! Ohh, memories.
Thanks for inviting me to hang out with your family for the afternoon, Marilyn. It was so much fun to be around such a big, loving family. You can really feel the love!

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