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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas time - Among the finer things in Life.

Matt and I are settling in at home, and getting swept up in the busy mix of things. We're searching for a place [apt/house/cardboard box??] to rent, and that's a slow process. It doesn't help that I'm picky and that we were spoiled in Hawaii with a beautiful base house. We will find something though, I'm sure of it. And I have to keep telling myself that not only is it not permanent [goal - buy in 1-3 years] but that with a feminine touch and a creative soul, nearly any space can be turned into something home-y and comfy. So it'll be a challenge for me to make whatever we end up getting welcoming and a home.

I got a huge task checked off of my list a few days ago: Christmas letter/photos! Whew, it was a job and a half. I discovered a fantastic invention in the process. [Disclaimer: after you find out what it is, you may feel the urge to say "What rock have you been living under, Laura??" Well, my excuse that I'm hanging on to is that I was living ON a rock for the last year, and used the technological advances of the 20 and 21st centuries to keep in touch with people from back home, rather than use snailmail. But regardless... I probably should have discovered these a LONG time ago and I would have saved myself some turmoil...]

These self-adhesive envelopes are where it's AT. I, for one, HATE to lick envelopes. The taste is horrible to me, and it lingers for.ever. My 9 year old sister-in-law informed me last night that she loves licking envelopes because they taste so good. I think she's lying through her teeth. Or crazy. Haha, either one. I do not agree. Therefore, this invention of self-stick envelopes is BEAUTIFUL. I will never go back. Sorry lickable envelopes, I've been converted!

My mom decorated the 'elegant' upstairs tree before Matt and I came back from our trip. That was a wonderful welcome home present; to have the glowing lights and festive ornaments there for us to see when we walked through the door. In the few days since we've been home, I have decorated the 'kid' tree downstairs. That tree houses the ornaments my sister and I made throughou elementary school, plus strands of multicolored lights. I haven't taken any photos of the kid tree yet, but you know I will.

So for now, here's a few eye candies of my mom's beauty of a tree. Looking at Christmas lights almost puts me in a trance. Does it to you too?

Enjoy the season and feel the magic,


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  1. aww, i knew i'd sense the christmas spirit just by reading your post! love you, Laur!


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