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Monday, November 9, 2009

In The Land Of Ya'lls.

It is now November 9th, and we are shacked up for the night in Amarillo, TX. Might I add that my 24th birthday is one month away! :) Mixed feelings about that though, because at this moment, 24 sounds pretty darn old. [I know that most of you reading this are older than that, and one day I'll look back and say man, 24 was just a baby! But at this exact moment... 24 seems kind of ominous haha!] Anyway, back to the task at hand.

We decided to speed up our progress of the American Southwest because the terrain is for the most part, pretty similar. We saw a lot of the same arid, yellow/brown, reddish landscape from Utah, Nevada, Arizona and into New Mexico. In fact, it is continuing right on into Texas. This is not a bad thing, because I find a lot of beauty in the blue sky against the yellow and red ground. But after almost two weeks in the same scenery, we are ready for a change. That is why we kicked up our speed as we crossed New Mexico, and our plan is to be into Louisiana by Thursday or so. Hopefully we'll hit some different scenery from there on.

For now though, we have plans to reunite with one of our favorite Marine families in Dallas tomorrow evening. After some good catching up, we'll advance onto Louisiana.

I rememberd that I haven't caught ya'll [in honor of where we are staying tonight! :)] up on our night in the Wigwams. Well, after a full day exploring at the Petrified Forest National Park, we stopped at the Family Dollar and picked up a few necessities, namely water and pop plus a few snacks, before heading over to the Wigwam Motel. We checked in, and then were directed to #16. Each wigwam sits by itself so it is very easy to back your vehicle right up to the door. Matt loved that. We unloaded the car, hit the heat button in the wigwam, and set out in search of dinner. Upon returning, we surfed the TV sphere for something to watch, since there was no wifi there. Things were going along great, I was almost asleep, until Matt sat up and leaned over near the heater. I asked what was wrong and he said "There's a really weird looking bug over here." He grabbed a shoe and waited until it came out from behind the heater. It was a spiderish looking thing. I must have had a 6th sense or something because I turned my head to the left and happened to glance up on the concrete wall near the ceiling... I saw a HUGE black spider up on the wall. HUGE, like bigger than a quarter with the body/legs included. This was kind of a sketchy situation because both Matt and I are NOT fans of spiders so basically, I used my fair maiden qualities to claim 'not it!' for spider killing duty. I didn't have to do or say much, but I could tell Matt didn't want to be tasked with this duty either! Using a tennis shoe and being VERY brave, he stood on the bed and took care of the spider. I got a quick photo before the scene, which I have to upload and post. Of course, it looks teeny from the photo but there was no way I was getting closer than absolutely necessary to get a photo. Photographical evidence wasn't THAT important at that point...

The spider's legs fell all over the bed which grossed Matt out to the core, so I was in charge of leg duty; making sure they were all on the floor and in the corner, so he could walk over there still. We both became very paranoid and were checking over our shoulders every few minutes. We slept the rest of the night without any further aracnoid incidents, but still... we were pretty creeped out! But that didn't deter from the night in the Wigwams. It was pretty neat to sleep inside one, and now we can say we've done it. Photos will come, I got a few nice ones of the motel at night, with all the glowing wigwams.

Since then, we've spent a night in Albuquerque, which was a little bit of a hassle trying to follow the directions to the Motel 6. Matt picked up a Motel 6 guide which boasted a listing of all the Motel 6's in the country, divided by state. Sounds convenient, but both times that we tried to use it, the directions posed more difficulty than help for us. Soo... I think we'll rely on visual spotting to pick out our nightly rest stops from now on. But thanks for trying anyway, Motel 6! Oh, and for those of you who remember my recap of the Motel 6 we stayed in on our way back from CA to MN [the one with the boogers...] I can now add another booger-motel to my list. The one we are in right now has some lovely ones displayed on the bathroom walls. Mmmm.. Yuck. Oh well, I'm just choosing not to look at them. I have control over my actions!!

So for now, that's all I've got for updates! I have been kind of missing Minnesota and family today, and thinking about the holidays coming makes me really excited but kind of antsy to decorate and see snow/lights/etc. I am seriously considering making our way to a dollar store and buying some tinsel and some bulbs or bows to decorate the inside of our car. I need a little festiveness!

Oh, and who's a fan of the 25 Days of Christmas on ABC? I just saw today that they are having a "Countdown to the 25 Days of Christmas"! I was SO EXCITED! Matt doesn't quite understand my fascination and love of/for Christmas, but he's so tolerant and patient. I think I might be rubbing off on him! :) So, until next time, enjoy November and the last little bits of warmth before winter really hits Minnesota!



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