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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Snow and slush!

Hello from Cedar City, Utah! We checked out of our motel this morning and headed on I-70 West, to I-15 South. We are settled into another little motel in Cedar City, where we'll be until Sunday morning. After we leave here, we'll stay on I-15 south to... VEGAS!

We had some snowy travels today on our way from Moab to Cedar City. We went through several passes between mountain ranges and although beautiful, it was scary! Big semis, wet highways, blowing snow/dirt/sleet, and high speed limits ... equals Laura leaning as far back in my seat as possible and gripping the armrest like crazy! But Matt handled them fine and we survived. The trees were really pretty, covered in thick, wet snow. It looked like it had been snowing pretty heavy for a few days. It seems like the entire west has gotten slammed by snow these past few days though, we heard on the radio that I-80 was closed from Laramie to Cheyenne, Wyoming. WOW! Glad we ditched out on that storm! Colorado has had snow like crazy too. Instead, we dodged the big storm [knock on wood!] and just got some flurried instead. We are headed to Vegas and [fingers crossed!] hopefully we'll have some warm weather. Maybe even wear a dress or shorts!

Oh, the interesting bit of the day... as we were leaving Moab, we head some sirens and police speeding north through town. As we took 191 north out of Moab, we saw all of the cars on both sides of the road and on the right side, a small semi truck had completely tipped over on its side! It was carrying big boulders and they were spilled out, onto the roadway. It didn't look like anyone was hurt, but man, I imagine the driver was pretty shook up! It was pretty crazy to see... Who knows what happened, but I doubt it had anything to do with slipping on the roadways because it wasn't very snowy or even cold enough to make ice in Moab this morning... Something to remember, anyway!

Well, Matt and I are thinking about hitting up my fav, Applebees for appetizers tonight. The tentative plan is to head to Zion National Park tomorrow, but we'll see how the weather looks in the morning. Our experience trying to see Canyonlands Ntnl Park on Wed in the snow tells us that snowy/foggy weather does not allow for very good viewing and even worse photographs. We'll see what tomorrow delivers!

Only two more days until Halloween, I bet ya'll are excited! What is everyone dressing up as?

Love you guys, and have a good Friday tomorrow!


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