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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Love at first sight.

We come to you tonight from Moab, Utah! What a lovely place; I experienced love at first sight. AND it was dark when we rolled in. I can't wait to explore Main Street more in the daylight! Tourist shops, here we come!!

We went to mass this morning in a little church in Rock Springs, WY. It was perfect; a small little rectangular church that seemed like everyone knew everyone else. We didn't feel like outsiders for long though, and I was thankful for that! I had a weird sense of deja vu about it though, like I'd been there before. But I highly doubt that; it was probably just a similar floor plan to one I'd been to before. I got a few photos of the church afterwards, and some curious looks from the locals too haha!

We headed south on 191 after lunch, toward Utah. We took the scenic byway around the Flaming Gorge Canyon and saw some great sights. Then 191 took us through some more spectacular scenery as we make our way through eastern/central Utah. I got some killer pictures of a dilapitated shed... [reference my previous post to read about my obsession with broken and sad looking barns and sheds.] Still haven't uploaded pics, but I swear it'll come.

We pulled into Moab about 6:30 and found a great little motel. The front desk guy gave us a $10 discount to the price, so I was [obviously] thrilled! We booked it for two nights, for now, and I asked if it'd be possible to extend our stay if we decide to. He said it would be, so I have a suspicion that two nights in Moab won't be enough to satisfy my love of this town. We will head to Arches National Park in the morning, just a 5 minute drive from where we are now. Then Tuesday, we'll go to Canyonlands National Park and explore. There are several other places of interest around here too, not to mention the potential to explore the parks more than just one day... so we'll see. This is the happiest and most excited I've been on the whole trip. I have a great feeling about this place, the weather is bearable at 50-60, and we get to stay in one place for more than one night! I'm thrilled to not have to drive a bunch tomorrow, and so is Matt. We're both ready to be in one place and explore for awhile! I hope the forecast continues to be decent so I can exhaust my Sony and Canon's batteries to the fullest extent!

If anyone has been to Moab before, let me know if there's anything we should see or do before we leave!!

[P.S. Say a few prayers for the weather for us, if you will! After I typed that last paragraph, the weather forecast came on and said tomorrow should be great, then a front moves in Tuesday and rain/snow/cold is coming. We'll sit it out if we have to, but still... Hoping that we can dodge the bullet somewhat!]

Family and friends who are checking in, we miss you!

Happy Sunday!

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