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Monday, October 12, 2009

Brrr, someone turned off Fall and turned on Winter!

We have had our second snow of the season here in Minnesota, and it happened to be in the four days that we've been home! Lovely welcome home present, eh?? Haha, I can laugh now, because I have dug out all of my hats, mittens, scarfs etc, in order to keep warm. It's an adjustment, that much is for certain!

Matt and I went to the DMV today and registered our Escape in MN. We have MN plates to put on tomorrow. They didn't confiscate our Hawaii plates though, so I was happy about that. Something sentimental about them, to me!

I went through hundreds and hundreds of photos tonight and I have some to share with you. But it's already midnight and I have a dentist appt and a lunch date tomorrow, so I have got to hit the hay. Stay tuned! Photos of the lovely fall leaves and more to come!

Stay warm!

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