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Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Tribute to Fall in Minnesota

I have been feeling especially nostalgic as fall approaches in Minnesota, so I thought it fitting that I post some of my favorite photos from home. Looking at these make me even more excited to go back and to see the beauty of the Midwest with my own two eyes again. It is so true: there is outstanding beauty everywhere, and sometimes it takes fresh eyes [or being gone for awhile] to see it.

Isn't it beautiful? If you have not been to Minnesota, I highly suggest you try to visit. Unless you love extreme cold and ice, stay away during winter [Nov-March] but please, come see us from April-October! It is God's country. But then again, I am a little biased because I love it there.
Ohhh, those bold colors on the leaves! :)
Ok, I'm done. Enjoy a peak at Minnesota, in the fall.
God bless,

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  1. So I am ready to have that fall leaves picture printed on a canvas and hung in my house! Prices????


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