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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hotel California

Aloha everyone! Ok, can't really say that anymore - now it's more like SUP DUDES?! We are in California, and it is 100+ degrees and dry! It's been only about half a day and it's been an eventful one, at that... I'll try to recount the most exciting/embarassing so far. The travels have only just begun, too!

So we got to the airport, and struggled up to the ticket counter with our [no joke] 8 bags. 2 each to check, 1 each to carry on, and 1 computer bag each. One of my bags was 60+ lbs too. [Don't freak, the reason for all this seemingly unnecessary luggage is because we had to pack everything we need before January/February. The rest is in storage until further notice.] I had checked the website and my mom checked it too and we both yielded the same result: no baggage fees for active duty military/dependents traveling with orders. SWEET, right? Well the woman at the counter proceeded to tell us, after we'd struggled with the EIGHT bags, tripping over them, pushing into people, trying to get organized, that they don't give free baggage for people going on personal leave, which is what terminal is considered, I guess. It's only for deployments, PCS moves, and training. WHAT?? There was no way that we were going to pay $20 for the first bag/each, $30 for the second bag/each, and $125+ for my oversized bag. I think the woman could tell Matt meant business when he mentioned that the website doesn't specify what type of orders are required: he is Active Duty until Nov 13th, and he has Orders. So we didn't have to pay. But be forwarned, all of you who have to fly United, and plan to check bags. Be prepared to fight for it if you want them to pay for it! Fight hard too, because I would have been FURIOUS if we had to pay the $225 for our baggage.

ANYWAY! All turned out ok there, thankfullly. The woman let us go, after instructing that I make my carry-on even smaller [I had strategically stuffed items into EVERY. CREVICE. in the bag. After some rearranging, Matt and I were able to consolidate some of it, and make it smaller.]

No problems with boarding, and we were given seats next to each other, thankfully. We settled in, each with one of those squishy neck pillows, shaped like a horseshoe. Maybe from the exhaustion of the past few days, maybe from excitement at finally going to CA, who knows... but for some odd reason [I HAVE NO IDEA WHY] I decided to pull Matt's neck pillow off of his neck real fast, in respose to a witty comment from him. Instead of sliding off effortlessly, I heard a 'riippppppp' and before I could realize what was happening, it was snowing in seats 29 A and B!! I instantly became covered in the tiny sprinkle-sized white plastic balls. Hundreds of thousands of little balls came pouring out, quickly too! I could move at first, because I was too shocked. I tried to cover the tear in the pillow with my hand, but the pressure kept pushing more balls out. After a minute or two of trying to control my surprise and embarassment, and not make a huge spectacle, Matt flagged down a flight attendant and asked if she could throw it away for us. After a hearty chuckle, she took it from me, only to leave a trail of snow on her way to the garbage. Then, Matt and I tried to wipe all the little balls from my lap and underneath my butt into the barf bag. Needless to say, I was/am still picking little white balls out of my pockets, tank top, jeans... etc etc. What a spectacle we made! I wish I would have had easy access to the camera, it was one of those times where you wish you had a camera to take photos of the situation, but at the time, it doesn't seem appropriate to photograph. Oh well, I hope I painted a decent enough image of what it was like for you! Looking back, it was pretty hilarious. Good thing the pillow only cost $2.50 from Target's dollar spot, otherwise I'd be pretty mad at the wasted money!

Since then, nothing really eventful has happened, except for being reunited with Matt's family for the first time in almost two years! Not eventful, but very happy and exciting! It has been fun to see their house and their town; it's beautiful! It feels great/weird to be in a place where things aren't all crammed together; it's wide open and spread out.

Tonight we are going to dinner at Matt's FAVORITE place: Mongolian BBQ. Tomorrow is a family dinner at the Davis household, and then next week promises to hold adventures to LA to pick up our car, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, and maybe San Fran! Good things to come!!

Stay tuned! Knowing us, more mishaps are around the corner. Right now, we're trying our best to fend off Matt's allergies. The Davis clan has three dogs and three cats, so Matt's allergies have been here in full force. Prayers would be welcomed, for a non-miserable stay in terms of stuffy noses and puffy, itchy eyes.

Until next time!

Love you all.

Matt & Laura

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  1. Clarityn for allergies ROCK- they don't make you drowsy and they really works!

    Thanks for keeping us in the loop, i'll check in every day to follow your adventures!

    love, Hels


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