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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Heat, flea markets, and family.

Something that we missed out on, living in Hawaii, has been having the temperatures cool off at night. In Hawaii, there is only a difference of maybe 20 degrees between day and night temps. Matt and I continuously battled the heat at night, trying everything to keep cool. The blinds rattled if the windows were open, so we had the fan on high, and aside from maxing out our AC [I'm trying to live 'green'!], we didn't exactly succeed much. Anyway, CA - definitely cools down at night! It got above 100 yesterday but it was at least 60, if not colder last night. I actually woke up feeling chilly! It was a wonderful feeling! We slept like rocks, catching up from the lack of sleep on the plane ride yesterday. One of the best night sleeps I've had in a long time.

Good news, Matt woke up to a stuffed up nose, instead of a constantly dripping nose. [It was the one thing I prayed hard for last night!] My guess is that the 6 pets gave his system a overload and now that he's been around the hair for awhile, his immune system is kind of leveling off. He's continuing the allergy meds and so hopefully he'll not be in as much misery as last night. Fingers crossed and prayers lifted! [He was soooo miserable!]

After breakfast, Matt, his dad, his brother Christian, and his sister Moriah, and I, decided to go to a huge flea market in one of the neighboring towns by Penryn. It is apparently one of the largest flea markets in the country. It was fantastic; anyone who knows me knows how much I love flea markets and shopping. Get this though... I did not buy ANYTHING. Matt bought a bandana for the road trip. And we got some food and drinks. That is all. Of course, I was tempted at every stand, things were calling my name. I had to use all of my will power. The thing that prevented me from unleashing my inner bargain hunter was, ok more than one thing, 1 - we have to bring anything we buy home with us in the car, [in addition to the two of us, plus the EIGHT bags that came with us on the plane.] 2 - We don't have a house or an apartment yet, so it's hard for me to assess what we 'need' for our place. We have lots of stuff from the wedding, we have knick knacks galore from my garage sale-ing in Hawaii, and also from my life back home, and I have no idea what type of space or what 'theme' I want to go with when we get our next place to live. Those two things, plus the fact that a couple pieces I did ask about were overpriced, according to my cheap self, I let them pass me by. It was fantastic though, browsing. My only complaint is that the flea market is situated on top of a big black asphalt parking lot [big, like I couldn't even see the end of it...] and so it was HOOTTTTTTT. But maybe I snagged a bit of a tan in the process of shopping.

I brought my camera along and was snapping some photos of whatever I found interesting. We were walking through the big produce section and I was clicking away are some bright, colorful and interesting fruits and veggies, as well as taking some pictures of Moriah, when a man came and tapped me on the shoulder. He asked me, politely, if I could stop taking pictures with my camera. I reluctantly agreed, [little did he know I'd already taken atleast 20 before he stopped me ha ha ha...] We then tried to brainstorm why he asked me to stop, and we came up with either they were worried I would capture something incriminating, a violation of health codes etc, or ok... maybe that was all we came up with. I figured since Curt was buying produce, it didn't matter if I was taking photos of it. But ahhh well, I still got a couple good ones before being tracked down. [I haven't downloaded them from my camera yet, they'll go up once I get to that.]

Now we are relaxing a little, trying to recooperate from the heat and sweat. We are having a mexican feast tonight, and Matt's aunt Tammy and her boyfriend Rusty are joining us. Matt's grandparents, Bubba and Sharron aren't going to be able to join us, because Sharron had back fusion surgery just this week. I can't remember the name of the mexican dish we're having... I'll check and get back to that.

Oh, and P.S. The Davis's have the sweetest and most gorgeous [in my opinion] dog I have ever seen. Her name is Abby [Abbie/Abbi??] and she is a whippet/lab mix. She is beautiful and so sweet. [Minus the occasion yippee-barking. But I hear the shock collar has really helped to curb that]. She melts my heart, and I have never been all that much of a dog lover. Matt and I have decided that in the event that he ever either miraculously gets cured of his dog allergies, or if there comes some miracle drug that treats his symptoms so well he can deal with the dogs, then we are getting a dog like her. I tried to get some photos of her this morning before the flea market but I was too rushed. I anticipate that she and I will have to go outside and have a little fashion shoot of our own together. She is a prima donna and loves to pose. She also [get this...] crosses her legs when she lays down. Seriously... she is so cute.

I gotta get some photos of her so you can see for yourself. I might as well take photos of the other two too, so they aren't left out. Titus is a 140 lb bear-looking blacklab/Rotweiler mix. He is HUGEEEEE. Then Obidia [spelling checkkk!!] or Obie as he goes by, is a long haired weiner dog. Forgive me for not knowing how to spell the formal name [daschund or something??]. They are quite the pair! Never a dull moment in this house! The three cats have proven pretty elusive, and although I would love some cat love, Matt's thankful they haven't been trying to sit on his lap or anything.

My diet wild cherry pepsi is calling my name! Gotta run...

Until next time!

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  1. lol Laura, i'm impressed! I DO know how much you love flea markets/garage sales/bargains!

    :] looking forward to see the pictures you took. agreed it was way weird for you to be asked to stop taking them!

    take care!


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