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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hurricane -> Tropical Storm -> Tropical Depression...

Anyone who watches the news or the weather channel probably knows that there is [was] a Hurricane that was headed toward the Hawaiian Islands, Hurricane Felicia. Well, it was downgraded to a tropical storm and now it is classified as a tropical depression, but let me tell you... This is the weirdest tropical depression I've ever seen. [Disregard the fact that I have never been in anything besides tornado watches and warnings and thunderstorms before this.] It is blue skies and sunny out right now! The wind is up a little bit but that is all. We had about .000001 inch of rain today too. I have to admit, I'm thankful that we are all safe here and there was no flooding like they thought might happen, but I am kind of disappointed too! I'm only here for 1.5 more months, so I wanted to be able to say that I lived through a tropical storm, or depression or whatever it was. Ahhh well, all is ok as long as people are safe. Right?!

Matt bought the Wii Resort game this weekend with his birthday money [he now joined the 23 year old club!] and let's just put this mildly... WE. ARE. ADDICTED. I can barely type, my arms are so sore. It is a ball, there are 12 different games to play with mulitple levels and scenarios for each. I spent 2 hours today trying to beat level 11 in a sword fighting showdown, and let's just say it had my blood pumping! I was getting a little bit angry at all the other warriors who were kicking my butt! Perserverence is key, I guess... because after 14 or some tries, I finally beat it! Yes! My other favorite on the game is archery. On the past Wii games we have, I love the target shooting game, and this archery game is just as fun for me. I already think that it might be something that interests my dad. Or I hope so, at least! So, if Felicia decides to ever grace Oahu with any rain at all, you know where Matt and I will be! Holed up playing a duel in sword fights or playing frisbee golf on the Wii... Ahhh the joys of modern technology!

I just had another thought though... this Wii is going to be a LIFESAVER when we are back to Minneosta winters where it is so cold you can barely move, and it would run people's wallets dry to heat a house to a comfortable temperature. The solution to winter boredom, cold bodies and unused muscles?? Guess... Yep! Wii!!!! :)

Happy Tuesday!


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