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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Counting down!

Well here we are, the 26th of August, and we are expecting our last set of visitors. My sister and Tony are currently enroute to Hawaii; they'll be getting in late tonight. Tomorrow, the fun starts! One more last set of island exploration to top of our time here. Pictures to come...

Matt has four weeks left of work; four weeks from today he'll be starting his terminal leave. He is getting increasingly frustrated with the chain of command and everything. It'll be a big sigh of relief when it is over. Soon enough!!

In my world, I've been hard at work on several aspects of my photography business. I have been creating a website [an actual site and not just the blog that I have for it], and I plan to launch that before we leave island. Details to come on that. The graphic designer I've been working with has done some amazing work for me, and I am so thankful! She is so creative and I know that my future customers will really appreciate all of the sentimental touches. I want to get everything in line as far as the website and business etc so that I can take a break from it all during the road trip. Then it will be waiting for me to take off running with it as soon as we come back in December. Your continued support and prayers mean the world to me! :)

Matt is getting anxious to get back to school. I am really excited for him to embark on the next chapter, too. First things first though, our visit to CA and the road trip. We are so excited to see our CA family, it's been since the wedding that we saw you all! We are getting more and more excited for the road trip as it gets closer. We spent an evening with Julie and Kasey Perlinger, family friends of ours. Kasey is a freshman at Chaminade out here on Oahu, and Julie flew from MN to HI to help her get settled. We showed them around base, took them to the beach by our house, and then we went to the BEST pizza place EVER for dinner. [Kona Brewery for anyone who knows Oahu!] We talked about the road trip while we were there and Julie recounted her own trip with her husband early in their marriage. Matt and I left - extremely excited for our own adventure! Thanks Julie! :)

For now, hello from Oahu! Enjoy the last week of summer, August is almost gone. Squeeze every last bit of fun out of summer, if school hasn't started yet. If you are already in school, good luck!! I hope you are enjoying it!

Until next time...

Love - Laura

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