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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Time in Marines < 2 months!

As of today, July 30th, we have 55 days left until Matt officially goes on "terminal leave." Sept 23rd. We fly to CA Sept 25th, so in two months, we'll be hanging with the Davis family in California! That is one exciting thought!

We had a meeting with the TMO office today, they are the ones that handle the shipping of our household good and our car. That is the first step in getting the movers lined up. Next week we have an information meeting and then we'll make the final arrangements. Soon we should be getting our plane tickets and then it becomes official! Woohoo! We will be mainland bound before we know it!

There is one last group of visitors, my sister Erica and her fiancee Tony are coming out in late August. That will allow us one last hoorah in which we explore the island and see everything that we love, before we head out. Our car will be shipped in early Sept, so we'll be limited in our exploring for the month of September. Therefore, we have to make Tony and Erica's stay the best it can possibly be!

I have been feeling very crafty lately, and I am YEARNING for a desk or craft table to do my projects on. I have the designs for a great table in my head, now I just need a place to be able to have it! After the road trip... Today I volunteered at the thrift store on base like I do every week. I haven't had much time or urge to look at the merchandise in the previous months, but today I was feeling particularly 'shoppy.' So I browsed the racks and found a couple shirts that I scored for a big ol 50 cents a piece! [50% volunteer/employee discount :)] I also picked up a pair of jeans that I am going to rip holes into. Yeah, I know, ruining a perfectly good pair of jeans [Dad, does that sound like you? Haha, I remember you saying that every time you saw a pair of jeans with holes in them in stores, or whenever Erica and I would cut the bottoms of our jeans...] The jeans were 1.50, so at the very least, it's another fun DIY project that I love. I have a sea glass mosaic in the very early stages. Finding the perfect picture frame is the hard part!

Depending on the final outcome, I'll maybe post a picture soon. I think they have the potential to be the perfect pair of road trip jeans!

So, I'm off to find the cheese grater and dig some sand paper out of the garage! If I was back home in Minnesota, I'm sure my dad would have some power tools to help me accomplish my goal. Until then, I'll have to make do!

God bless you all. xoxo

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