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Monday, July 20, 2009

Queen of the Packing Lists

For those of you who have known me for a long time, you know that when it comes to a trip, I have made my packing list and have begun packing at least a month ahead of time. That goes for family fishing trips to Canada, spring break trips to Florida, or my random trips to Hawaii to see Matt. It's how I work, and a big part of my excitement in anticipating a trip is the packing and planning process.

Well, as some of you know, Matt and I have plans to take a cross country road trip this fall for a couple months. We don't really have specific plans for where we're going or what we are going to do. Those of you who know me know that I usually plan EVERYTHING, so this is turning over a new leaf! We are really excited about the nature of the trip and the possibilities for discovery and adventure. After living in Hawaii for a 3 years [Matt]/8 month [me], we want to stick to warmer weather. If it's a mild fall, we'll be able to spend some time out west. If it's a snowy, cold fall, we'll stick more to the south. Part of the goal of creating this blog in the first place was to allow our family and friends to keep up with us as we are state-hopping this fall.

Anyway, so we are now less than 3 months out from when we'll depart for our trip. What did I do today?? Well, I started the packing list, duh!! :) This packing list has to be able to handle whatever kind of weather we run into, and it needs to be as compact as possible as to not overtake our vehicle. We'll be alternating camping and staying in hotels, so we need a variety of items. I stopped at page 3 in a WORD document because I was maxed out on my packing-list-creation stamina. I have a little googling to do for references such as 'road trip packing lists' or 'road trip necessities', and 'road trip food'... etc. The packing list will keep growing until it's send-off day! Yayy! That is going to be a very exciting day!

Oh, and on a sidenote, Matt is now on his last full week of school and then they have a day or two of finals. I am so proud of his work, he is succeeding like crazy. We all knew he could do it, right? YES!

Love to all of you, and please, get out and enjoy July!! Life is beautiful.

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  1. Ok, so I have been a Creeper and reading your blog at work. I have not been in the mood to work today as my Great Grandma is on her last days/weeks at the moment. I was reading about your trip and was wondering if you had thought about trying to stop anywhere in Colorado at all. We would love to give you guys a place to stay and show you around. Let me know what you think!



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